A simple prayer for "a way that works for me"

"God, grant me the knowledge of a way that will work for me, the humility to work it and the power to follow it through"

A simple (or at least trying to be) ADHD-partner (using meds, working with an ADHD coach and working "a way that works for me").

(inspired by the Serenity Prayer, 12-Step recovery's 11th Step and my own search for a way that works for me)

I wish you all of God's

I wish you all of God's knowledge and strength to deal with this. Another prayer that I got on a FB page today that might be helpful..

My bountiful God, we speak our humble prayer with open minds and hearts, asking that we may forever feel that this married state is holy and that we must keep it holy. Grant Thy Grace that we may never sin against the faithfulness and love of this marriage. Foster between us the spirit of understanding and of peace, that no strife, quarrel or misunderstanding, may arise between us. Grant us health and our daily bread, whereby we may serve Thee more. We ask this and all things in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you SherriW for your

Thank you SherriW for your kind and most generous wishes. From personal experience I have come to believe that even the most infinitesimal amount of God's strength and wisdom go very far for me ;)

Just for today I believe I am doing what I need to and for that, too, I am grateful.

Here's wishing you serenity, courage and wisdom in your own personal journey.