Sister Domestic Life in Mess - What to do

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My married Sister have been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia , and hence she is now staying with us for having good family therapy along with medication. During her stay I have noticed that  my nephew who is 4.5 yrs old is clearly showing symptoms of ADHD and also my brother-in-law showing clear symptoms of Adult ADHD, I was not aware of this disorder earlier and its only recently came to know about the ADHD. It seems that my sister life had become hell dealing with 2 ADHD person 24 hrs a day in a nuclear family  for past couple 4-8 yrs which may be one of the important factor of her's Schizophrenia from the past 2 yrs. Now she does shows improvement but gets stressed sometimes when she communicates with her husband or have to take care of his son. 

After getting medical treatment for my bro-in-law(clinical diagnosis  is still pending) I am in dilemma w.r.t what to do , for the following reasons.

1. As Both Schizophrenia and ADHD requires Behavior therapy along with Medications, Can I expect my sister and bro-in-law to behave in conjunction with therapy towards each other given the above disorder they have.

2. Would Medications would be good for my 4.5 yrs old nephew given the fact that he is already underweight and is just 15 kgs.

3. Can I expect proper behavior from my bro-in-law and sis towards my nephew if they again moved in nuclear family (As of now i am highly disappoint the way they behave with him.. like surrendering to his demands most of the time).

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By the time my nephew and brother in law have been diagnosed with ADHD

Oh dear

What a generous person you are to invite your sister and her family to live with you. That is a huge undertaking. Re the child, he may be a bit young for stimulants but he should be diagnosed, get behavioral therapy, be put on a routine, eat healthy diet (some evidence that gluten and casein free help tremendously), and be involved in physical activity.

Of course that requires the parent's cooperation which may be challenging. There are classes on parenting ADHD children you can look into.  Schizophrenia is a heartbreaking condition. My niece has been diagnosed, at age 15, and the treatment plan seems to be meds, routine, healthy habits, therapy, and trying to keep stress at a minimum. Married to ADHD does not help that in any way. ADHD can be managed and if her spouse is willing to do so, maybe they can find a way to succeed on their own, but it would require her DH to revamp his lifestyle. Although it would be similar, meds, plus rest of above for son. Sleeping is absolutely critical as well. 

I am so sorry you and the rest of your family are dealing with these tremendous challenges. I wish you the best in navigating.

Thanks ShelleyNW,  Will

Thanks ShelleyNW, 

Will consider classes for Parenting ADHD childs and also making him too sleep well.