Skewed perceptions

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to run something past you...get some input.  This is probably a dumb question, but have you found that spouses with ADHD have incredibly skewed perceptions of reality?  I.E. My husband insists that I had it easy over the last 20 odd years...that my world was "smaller" than his and I had less to do...that he had way more to deal with than I because he worked outside the home and had to commute, deal with traffic AND take care of the house, me, kids etc etc.  When he said that I was flabbergasted.  I really wanted to laugh but couldn't....too amazed. :)  I raised three kids with needs, ran a house, dealt with his ADHD/OCD and my own serious health issues and on and on...and my world wasn't as difficult?? Man oh man oh man....I'm still stunned...wondering where he got those rose-colored glasses.

Is his world an alternate reality or what??  It's like science fiction...