My husband was diagnosed with ADHD.  He has had sleep problems since we met.  Including sleep apnea which I read goes along with ADHD.  

His ADHD has caused him to lead a lifestyle full of work, and all his other interests.  When we had our 1st child 14 years ago, he moved to the guest room since I kept him up at night being pregnant and uncomfortable.  Then after the child was born he stayed in the guest room since I breastfed through out the night and it woke him up.  

This actually sounds ridiculous as I type it...

But, one more birth child and one adopted child later we have had all sorts of arrangements for sleeping.  I have slept in kids rooms, they have slept with me, I have slept on an airbed, husband has slept in the kids room.  

And since his lifestyle led to me being alone with kids for days at a time, and I couldn't get 3 little kids to sleep at the same time, I have basically in some way just tried to get some sleep.

We are finally down to 1 five year old who sleeps with me.  Sometimes my husband sleeps with us and sometimes he sleeps in the kid's room.  I am trying to transition her onto an air bed in my room, then into her room with me on an air bed, then on her own.  

I know people will LOVE to critizise me about the sleeping arrangements, but it basically started 14 years ago with a pregnant woman, breastfeeding, then putting kids to bed alone after being alone with them all day while her ADHD husband led a very full life.  

I am VERY angry when he leaves to go in the other room.  When he left the bedroom when I was pregnant it broke my heart and it hurts everytime he leaves.  Like picking a scab off an old wound.  And I'm angry that I am still the only one responsible for planning how to get the 5 year old to bed as I was responsible for getting the other two kids to bed.  Who by the  way sleep extremely well in their own rooms now!!!

I'm not sure whether to tell him if he chooses to leave the bedroom to not come back.  Help!