sleep patterns, twitching, snoring, 3am

Another question here about sleep patterns. It's been done in this forum before, but it's been a while. I noticed a couple of other posts in another area about how some ADHD'ers sleep schedules are difficult for us non's, as well as body twitching, severe snoring, separate sleep rooms,  tearing up the bed covers, and coming to bed at 3:00 AM.

    Is this also a part of the brain disfunction? or is this a learned thing? My husband used to snore so bad, I couldn't hardly get any sleep. (for years) He had nasal surgery and wore a C-pap machine, but doesn't anymore. Snores sometimes now, but not as much. He tosses and turns to where he really tears up the bed covers, and even rips off the BOTTOM sheet off the bed. (he blames that on bad sheets, but my side doesn't do it) lol

    The thing that distresses me the most is that he most always has come to bed at 3 AM. But, NOT QUIETLY. He comes in the room, turns on the light, bangs around for a bit, talks, fiddles around, WAKES ME UP, and then HE wants me to be quiet so he can "get to sleep". FRUSTRATING!!!!!!. It's been so long now, that even if he goes to bed early, I just automatically WAKE UP out of a sound sleep at 3 AM, every single night. I HATE THAT.

     But, my main question is.......Is this normal for most ADHD'ers? Has anyone else worked anything out as far as having their ADHD partner be a little understanding towards their "sleeping" partner? and not try to wake them up?