***THE SLUG BOX *** THREAD - PART 2 - drop off your slugs here

MELISSA, the original Slug Box thread is very long now. May we start a continuation thread? If not, please have your WebAdmin remove it, thank you.

Again, this is a continuation of THE SLUG BOX thread for both AD/HD and non-AD/HD persons to drop off their "slugs". Ideally a line or two.  

Some days we just are too tired to get into heavy discussion. This can be a way to just put out a one-liner when too tired of having -or- dealing with AD/HD. Especially those days when the isolation of our thoughts need to let it go. Not really a discussion thread, just dropping in and dropping off a slug or two and feeling better after it's gone.

To get more detailed feedback, it is best to start a new thread so that it can be seen by others.