Smart Watch Instead of Wife as a Reminder

I wanted to make a quick post about my new smart watch.  Actually....I had to get a new phone too which is on it's way. (new used phone off ebay).  Without going into all the tech Geek stuff and requirements....I think this is going to really be cool.  It allows you to talk, use GPS and accept and send text messages via your smartphone but it can stand alone to receive phone calls and texts without having your cell phone on you.  It uses the newest...latest greatest current technology that will be outdated by the time you turn around and think you've got something these things go. lol

I'm kind of a Luddite by nature but I had to learn CAD/CAM for my work about 8 years ago so technically speaking....on the level of most 10 year olds + or - a year or so. lol

Anyway.....what prompted me to get one is the fact that I can send myself as many texts as I want from my phone with whatever message I want to include to remind myself to do things or stop doing things accordingly without my wife getting involved what so ever.  I can delay the sending of these messages to any time I choose and make all my messages to myself at one time say in the morning and then forget about having to remember anything else for the rest of the day and let my messages come to me via a devise that is strapped to my wrist instead of in my pocket or anywhere else I tend to set my phone down and not have it on me when I need it.  There are also six different alarms to set independent of the other functions that call all be set to different times for different things.  That includes being able to answer my phone and not miss calls will be kind of hard to lose it if it is attached my body in a physical sense.  In theory at least....I think it will work.  I'll update this post when I get the bugs worked out and give it a try in real time.

When I discovered this I immediately thought my prayers had been answered.  A built in reminder that is not only an alarm but one that tells me what to do and when.  This will (in theory at least) take all the responsibility off my wife as a reminder and put that responsibility solely on my ability to remember to send myself the text messages in the morning each day as needed.

FYI: For those of you wondering.  My problem is not remembering dates or when to do things in a timely fashion.  My problem is getting lost in time during the day and having to remember 5 or 6 things I have to do and then remember to keep checking the time and not let the time get away from me.  If I only have to remember what I need to do.....send myself the texts and put the right time on each one accordingly ONE time first things in the morning when I am actually thinking about these things.....I am free to concentrate on what I'm doing (even hyper focus on them) and not have to worry about paying attention to what time it is.  This in a nut my dysfunction having ADHD whether I have a watch on or not.  Tactile vibrations and audible alarms ( built into the watch)  are the only thing that I have found that will break me out my thought process to remind myself to look to see what time it is.  The stress of not having to think about this or remember to while I'm busy doing other things will be a God send.....if it works!!  I'll let you know:)

Plus.....I always dreamed of the day you could have a watch on your wrist that will do this very thing.  Jetson's?  How cool is that! lol