Going to use this thread to note some of the interactions which used to get added to the blur which has been my married life for the past 10 years. These are not sources of angst or any sort of commentary against add or any of the other diagnoses which might be applicable, simply observations by one woman who is trying to be herself in the midst of an atmosphere which makes no sense to me.

*  In the few minutes during which we "engage" at the end of the day, I mention viewing a bit of a program about Harry Houdini, the magician. I was going to retell, briefly, something that I found to be of interest. He says:  "I've recorded that." Me: "Cool! I only caught part of it, but there was much I had not known before..."  Him: "I recorded it, Part I of II.".  Me: "That's neat. I did not know that Houdini had performed before the czar of Russia..."   Him:  "Yep."

*  I am mindlessly surfing on my phone and he asks, all chipper-like,  "What are you reading?"  I say, "Oh, this and that."  Him: "Oh, about what?"  Me:  "Nothing, really; my brain is not engaged."  Him, in a weary, pained, and disgusted tone, as though he is so severely abused:  "OHhhKayyy, so you don't want to tell me."  Me: "I have nothing to tell you because I was not absorbing anything that was before my eyes."

*  He drives home from work (not far) to look for misplaced keys and finds me dragging full rubbish bins to end of driveway in the rain. He jumps out of his vehicle, all perky, and says, "Oh, honey! Love the rain, love it, love it, love it!"   Yeah huh.