Snowball Effect???

My recently diagnosed ADHD Husband does work at things and does complete them HOWEVER he will work on them day and night (without sleep) until he completes them and usually ends up frustrated and miserable!

Last night he started to plow our driveway at 5:00pm and didnt come in until 1:00am! It looked to me that he completed everything around 6:30 (our driveway was done!) but then he said he wanted to go plow the pond for skating (which I thought was unnecessary but I didn't say anything because he always has justification for WHY he wants to do unnecessary things). Then he comes in around 9:00pm completely frustrated because (of coarse) he ended up getting stuck out at the pond as it had now started to rain and everything got slushy. Once unstuck (an hour later), he went to the barn and a pile of snow from the roof fell and" locked him in the barn" and when he was trying to pull the door shut after shoveling himself out, the door handle broke off. Well by then you can imagine how frustrated he was because he now had to fix the door handle because "if the door didn't close it would break off from the wind". Then he proceeds to try and pack down the snow by driving the truck back and forth. I could tell he was getting closer and closer to the ditch so I tried to call him in before he gets stuck. Nope! He go stuck. Then hes trying to get his truck out at 12:00am making roaring noises from the trucks engine and spitting dirt all over the yard and on the house! He of coarse, "had to pack down the snow with the truck because by the morning everthing would be iced and needed to get into that one spot on the driveway". (Keeping in mind he already plowed the entire driveway already and everything looked great to me).  Hes so stubborn and wont listen to reason, gets frustrated when it ends up not going well or takes too long, comes in the house miserable then I just go go to bed (because he is taking so long) and so I don't have to deal with his frustration. I have long since given up trying to provide suggestion and reason because he ALWAYS has a reason to do it his way.

This is just one instance. I cant even count the number of times this type of snowball situation has happened. Starts off with one small goal, it turns into a snowball of one thing to do another thing to do another thing... and so on...

I don't know if this is just him or if this is characteristic of other people with ADHD? Any thoughts?