So Frustrated!

H's car is old.  Over 2 weeks ago, we learned that it would require a major repair, so H announced that he needed a new car.  Fine.  I had NO OBJECTION to that.  Days go by and H makes ZERO effort to look for another car.  When I ask, H says that he'll look "later".  Later never came.  A friend of one of our kids LOVES to look for cars, so he stays current with what's out there.  After a week went by, I asked this friend to recommend some cars.  The friend happily suggested some cars, even sending some links to look at. 


I look at the links, talk to H about them, and all H can say is: those are too expensive.  Oh, and H threatens to just have his very old car fixed ( one would spend that much money on an old old car).


In the meantime, H makes me run circles because now I had the only car.   Finally, on Wednesday, I tell him he has to find a car.  Nothing happens.  On Friday I show his more cars online.  He seems only mildly interested.  Won't make any effort.


Finally on Friday, I grab my checkbook and say, "let's go, we're going to buy a car."   H dawdles and finally we go.  He starts looking at older used cars and ones that are just too small.  We need a good-sized SUV to replace the one that just died..  I don't mind a used car, but I don't want more problems.  If it's going to be "used" then I don't want an old most, it can be a couple of years old.  (H can't work on cars).  We go to one dealership and he finds a newish used car, but it's stripped (no good options).  I insist that we look at a bigger dealership.  Upon arrival, I see "the car" that we should buy...right size big & reliable (Honda Pilot), all the bells and whistles!.  It's awesome.  H tests it and loves it. He declares that it's the best car he's ever driven. Then he gets all anxious and wants me to make the decision because of the cost.  I use my iPad to look up what should be a fair price, and then I pull out my checkbook, write out a check for the amount that I'm willing to pay, hand it to the sales manager and say, "this is what I'll pay in cash, including tax and license, or I'm leaving."  the salesman disappears for a couple of minutes and then comes back and wants a bit more.  I say no, and begin to leave, and then the sales manager accepts.  (I knew that since it was the end of the month, dealerships are desperate for sales to meet their target numbers.)


H was happy happy, and saying that he's glad he's on my team.  (Ha ha).  We meet one of our kids for dinner, and H is still excited about the car and tells our child about the car, in detail.  


However, by about midnight, his mood switches completely.  He starts yelling about stupid stuff and yelling about the fact that he tripped over the dog's leash (well, whose fault is that? Not mine!!).  Then this morning, he sends me a terrible email about what a mistake it was to buy that car.  Ugh.  


Actually, I don't really care what he thinks about the car.  He had plenty of time to look himself but he didn't.  He was making himself a nuisance with my car, constantly needing to be dropped off or taken somewhere.   I told him I'll keep the car and he can have mine (he loves my car).  He agreed to that.  OMG.  That's fine with me, but how ridiculous. 


I'm really disgusted with the fact that he won't make decisions, wouldn't even TRY to look for a car, and then acts like he had no choice!