So frustrated i feel as though he is going to send me to my grave!

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a home functional when the ADD partner is home. All his home duties are is to maintain the yard and clean up his mess after him. Too much to ask for i think.

* I would complain about the yard and he would decide he would start mowing the lawn at 9pm (at night) mind you he would not complete this and leave it in a worser state than it already was and un completed. We are renting and i dont want to loose our home cause part of the agreement was to have the yard maintained

* Doors/cupboards constantly left open

* He would cook himself a meal and leave margarine and all the dirty plates on the bench and sit and eat then leave that plate where he ate and then proceed to go into the loungeroom and forget about the dirty plates and kitchen...arrggghhhh!!!!

* He would organise his things last minute and while we are rushing to hurryup to make his flight for work, he is still walking around slowly in his boxers as if time stood still for him

* DRIVING- OMG!!!! Constantly speeds and plays with the stero, ipod and even decides to tex while he is driving with ALL of us in the car

* Arguments- He would always go that one step further to the point of no forgiveness

The constant pushing, and pushing to get what he wants is making me tired, im trying to run a functional home. 

Am i just meant to ignore this?? Are there ways to manage this behaviour and have a happier home?