So many good changes

After visiting this and other forums and sites, and on the verge of leaving my DH at the beginning of last month(not too long, I know..) so many things have changed. I feel like my whole life has been turned upside-down. Turns out most of our issues have been related to lack of communication and lack of sex on my DH's part. He wanted it, I felt like I wasn't getting my needs met, refused 75% of the time..I don't remember us ever having a truly satisfying sex life..maybe while we were dating and a couple years after, and in turn, DH didn't want to meet my needs, or seem even remotely interested in making me was a vicious cycle. He's treating his ADHD, and doesn't take his meds on the weekend which still bothers me a little, but so many other aspects of our relationship has improved that it just seems like a drop in the bucket, now. Here I am blaming everything on ADHD..when the answer was right in front of me. I was a little wary at first at the huge improvements just from regular sex, but it's been 6 weeks now and things are still good. He still seems interested in my day, interested in the kids and I, and eager to help(okay, not always exactly eager, but willing), and I don't feel like a huge nag when asking him to help with anything because he doesn't make me feel like that anymore. I feel like after almost 8 years of marriage, we finally have a healthy relationship. Not only that but recent events have made it so that we have been able to pay our house, car and credit card off completely, which makes us debt-free. I can't tell you how excited we are. DH also has a possible job opportunity which will pay a lot less than what he's making now(the only way we can do this is because we are eliminating our debt) but will still allow me to stay at home with the kids..It seems like everything is falling into place! My biggest concern right now is staying debt free. We will still have to live on a tight budget for awhile because of the job change, and I know ADDers love to spend money :) I'm in charge of the budget though, so I have a lot of control over the spending..I'm just worried about that credit card at a zero balance..and staying that way. We have only ever had this credit card at zero for a few months at a time, but mostly it's carried at least 2000.00, and up to 10,000.00 on it. We like to have it for emergencies, but it seems it never stays as just an emergency card..because of DH. Can someone offer some wisdom?!?