So much gear, poor priorities...

So my husband (been living together for two years) has a TON of music gear. Guitars, amps, drums, mixers, you name it, he buys it. I have a special room for his gear, so seeing it around the house isn't an issue (although his other messes...different story all together). I love that he loves playing music, and he's a splendid musician... It's just, he spends ALL of his money on it, and complains when our rent is due, cries when he has to pay bills, complains about being broke. All. The. Time. I should never have agreed to marry him until his finances were in order. I'm to my wits end with his bitching about money. It's not like I'm made of money either, but at least my priorities are straight.

one example of something that I thought was a little selfish... He bought himself a beautiful drum set. Set him back about $2000. For our anniversary two weeks later, he complained HARD about our $75 dinner being too expensive.

Please help me understand this behavior. It has me in tears.