So much progress and growth!! I'm ADD as well.

My husband and I have been through our share of difficulties over the years. He was diagnosed with ADD in 2007 after three years of marriage. Didn't bother me much. We still had time and energy to spend time together and have sex and all that. The marriage seemed mostly fine. Two kids later we were on the brink of divorce. I developed the dreaded mommy brain, and keeping up with the house and kids was seriously debilitating. I was always in awe of how much my non-ADHD friends could get done and how calm and patient and consistent they were with their kids. My son I believed for a long time was ADHD but never saw it in myself. I started drinking a lot more, was consistently anxious and worried about everything. It really came to a head when I started working part time as an assistant and was making mistakes constantly. I'd forget to do important things... Regularly. I was constantly forgetting where I put my keys, locking the car and house door, losing stuff and breaking my phone all the time for carelessness. My nickname growing up was spacey Stacey. I struggled in school but graduated high school with decent grades and dropped out of college after 2 semesters. I just found out I'm ADD and it all makes sense now. I started educating myself about ADD 2 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old. I was having a really hard time balancing 2 kids and getting chores done. I quickly became depressed. I started drinking a lot more to cope. I decided that my husbands ADHD  was what was causing all our problems. Our sex life went to shit shortly after our son was born, but we just didn't talk about it. I think that's when my husband started getting depressed too. Our life was a wreck. We finally started talking about our problems and I learned how to communicate with my husband without breaking into tears and storming off. I quit drinking in September, started biofeedback treatment, am taking memory works supplement, using essential oils and taking fish oil and I'm like a different person. DH takes meds and has since his diagnoses, but skips them on the weekend which really used to be a huge source of stress but now it's really not a big deal. I'm no longer depressed, anxious or worried and my kids are well behaved. Everything is so much better. In fact it's the best it's ever been. :)