So tired of being responsible for EVERYTHING

I'm not even sure I need to say anything more than that.  

It's not that my spouse never does ANYTHING, it's that he can never be counted on to do ANYTHING.  He lacks the organizational skills to have a meaningful career (i.e. got fired 4 times, quit one job with no notice, can make ok money as temp attorney, but again, nothing we can COUNT on).  So he's home with the kids, and since we certainly can't afford private school (due to prior issue) "he" is homeschooling the kids.  Except that I have to find the curricula.  And schedule the county reviews.  And arrange the co-ops.  And make sure the library books are returned.  And create the schedule.  And find and make and print the worksheets.  And remind the kids to do the homework for their co-op classes.  And remind him where the coop classes are and when to go.  And deal with the school board.  And make the kids put their papers away.  And schedule appointments with him to ensure that he grades their papers.  And write or at best help write the lesson plans.  And remind him of the classes he's sposed to teach them, and the books he's supposed to use.  And help my eldest complete his correspondence course.  And find online classes for the kids to take to cover topics he doesn't have time to address.  And deal with the school system for IEP's and such.   And clean up after the kids when I get home.  And make them do chores.  And then clean up HIS mess.

And make dentist appointments, and doctor appointments, and flu shots, and get prescriptions, and pay the bills, and deal with our budget, and fill out all forms, and plan grocery lists, and take kids to extracurricular activities, and help with home improvement projects, and get car repairs done, etc, etc, etc, etc.   

ARGH.  This is in addition to the rest of my JOB.  The one I have.  That makes all the money.  While he is home.  Every day.

If I ask him to do x or y, he'll do it.  Or he'll say he will.  If he doesn't forget and get distracted halfway through and not finish or do a bad job.  That assumes he starts the activity and didn't get distracted and forget before he even began.  Which happens all the time.

I am so tired of having all of this, everything on my shoulders.