So tired of the constant ideas from H but him never ever following through on them!

And the problem is, he thinks I'm never interested in his ideas because I basically just nod my head and go "ok" because I KNOW that I will never hear mention of it again and it will never happen.

I mean the guy has been really good about going to work everyday for over a month now, but still says he wants to find another job. I hear again and again about how the pay is great but he hates the drama and he can still make a decent salary other places that won't be as much but he'll be happier. He has downloaded several applications, but that's as far as he gets. He never prints them out, fills them out, updates his resume because that takes too much work.

And just simple things like I've heard for 2 weeks now that "We need to get our pumpkins soon". I have never been big on pumpkins. I mean they are fine to put out front as is, but I have no desire to carve them. Okay then pick up a pumpkin on your way home from work! You drive by the pumpkin patch every single day! Then it will get to be Halloween and I'll say "You never got a pumpkin" and he'll retort with "Well you weren't interested in getting one. You're such a grinch!" It will be ALL MY FAULT that we didn't get one, when really he just doesn't want to take the time himself to stop and get one but if I do it, it's fine. Then he tells me we need to get candy for trick or treaters. I say that it's still 2 weeks away and he goes "Well I'd rather have it sooner than later". Why??? It's 2 weeks away! Do you think they are going to run out of candy? However then a few days later he tells me we should go to this party downtown that night and we should rent costumes. Okay if we go to the party we won't be handing out candy so do I NOT get candy? Then he emails a costume shop asking if they have these certain costumes and he hasn't heard back and I haven't heard anything more from him regarding this party. Either way it will be my fault because I didn't show interest.

Same goes with this whole pickling idea he had. I heard for months about how we need to learn how to pickle now that we have a garden.  Once again, I have no desire to pickle but knock yourself out! Nope. I heard again and again that "I"should start doing some pickling. Then one day when he was out in the yard doing something he told me I should make myself useful and pickle the cukes.  Fine I'll pickle the damn cukes! The process took a long time and I didn't enjoy it and he didn't have to life a finger to do any of it! It would have been too much of a process for him.

How do you deal with your spouse who comes up with all these ideas but never does anything about them or expects you to run with the idea once they come up with it?