So what are we doing this weekend?

I'm just curious. Haven't read much about this topic yet and there is no board about "planning".

What happens when you (non-ADD spouse) inquires about what's going to happen the next few days?

In my situation, my ADD spouse will simply be very annoyed with the question. How can he know what he will do this weekend? How does he know how he's going to feel this weekend? How do I dare ask him the question? Wait a minute, I must have a secret plan for asking the question... 

If at any time at all we decide to do something, 99% of the time, it will not happen. 

So, whenever we are asked somewhere, I learnt to say: "you need to ask him because I can't commit for him". or "we don't make plans in our family". We'll see when the time comes. 

How I learnt to cope (10 years of marriage):

1. I have no expectations at all

2. I never count on him for anything. 

Does any of you have similar experiences? How do you deal with it?