Social Issues

I have been married for 22 years to a man who was recently (2 months ago) diagnosed with ADHD by a well known psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD in children and adults.  However, he only confirmed what I already knew.  Who can lose his keys everyday for 22 years straight?  Anyway, today was a bad day and prompted this question.  My husband makes stupid statements often, and as if they are not stupid the first time, he repeats them about 5 times in a row.  This is so frustrating and embarassing to our children, especially when said in front of others.  For instance this morning my sixteen year old daughter turned on the kitchen tap but I had placed a block of cheese temporarily in the sink on some aluminum foil for lack of room as I was making lunches for the day.  I said something like "Honey, come on..don't you see the cheese?"  She said "oh, I didn't see it there."  It wasn't a big deal, and I can't blame her really-who's expecting cheese to be in the sink anyway?"  Then my husband rushes over and says to our daughter "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU???..." to which she cuts him off and reacts rudely.  He doesn't seem to sense that nothing more needed to be said.  That scenario happens constantly.  Does anyone identify with this?  Is this ADHD or something else?  Minutes after this encounter, as my husband is putting on his shoes to go out the door to work he begins telling the dog "you should go up and poop on xxxxx's bed". (daughters name)  He goes on to repeat this about 5 times.  "OK I say, that's enough."  and out he goes out the door with daughter two steps behind( (he drops her off at school) saying to me "this is why life sucks!" as she goes out the door.  Does this sound familliar to anyone or is  my husband one of a kind?  He has a horrible relationship at best with our daughter and our son (18) pities his father and puts up with his behavior most of the time.  But not always.  I try to keep the children respectful but he has not given them alot to respect.  And when they are disrespectful he blames their behavior on me.  Honestly I  do bear a measure of responsibility for their lack of respect but putting up with his behavior for 22 years I'm pretty sure will earn me sainthood.  So I guess I'm asking about the social issues of ADHD.  I've read that ADHD persons have social problems but is this what they mean?  Is there anybody out there who can indentify or help me understand this?  Or is it just his own strange personality?  I've have so much more to say but it's hard for me to put on paper what I'm feeling and thinking inside. Maybe I haven't explained enough of his behavior for a person to understand. There is so much more to his strange behavior....  Thank you in advance for listening and I'm sorry if I added this in the wrong place.  

sad and frustrated