Social planning

My husband has ADHD and I am so relieved to have found this resource! One thing that I have difficulty with is that I always seem to have to change plans to suit him. We can have something on the schedule for months in advance, and when the event arrives, especially if it is something that I have showed interest in, it always seems that something that is more important to him comes up, or he decides that he doesn't want to do anything at all.  I am feeling as though my wants and needs don't matter anymore and I am losing touch with things that I enjoy.  I suppose I could go do the things I like without him, but that defeats the point of doing things together and sharing each others interests. What can I do? I know I am not handling it well. I typically just give up, go do what he wants to do, but am disappointed that I had to give up the plans for the event that is from my side of the interest spectrum..