Solutions and Feedback on the Couples' Seminar?

Hi everyone- 

my original post is here:


My wife wants a divorce. As I pull away my attention, she's starting to come around and consider couples therapy, calling me more, etc. She doesn't understand her part in the relationship; especially in regards to the ADHD symptoms, so for now, I just take full responsibility. I don't like the "game" aspect of this relationship, but I am hopeful that Melissa's workshop could put a dent in our issues moving forward (if we decide to reconcile). Keep in mind my wife is the one who's pushing for the divorce and served me with papers already. I have very little leverage, but at the same time, love her and think that there may be hope after being separated for some time and reading a lot of literature (including Melissa's book). 

- I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with Melissa's online seminar? 

- suggestions about how to get someone with ADHD to read ANYTHING, nevermind Melissa's entire book? (or "driven to distraction", etc)

- suggestions about how to somehow phrase that the seminar might be helpful without making my wife feel like there's something "wrong" with her or that I'm trying to change her. 


I'm putting an attorney on retainer next week, so it's probably over anyway...