Some issues

My spouse of 12 yrs ( known for 14 though) has ADHD.  He has that and Bipolar II and OCD.  Yes quite a powerful mix. I am not unscathed though I have Bipolar type A or I.  I seem to deal much easier with my illness, when he struggles even with medication.    Now on the whole he is nice guy, intelligent guy and he treats me well for the most part.  The part I want him to really work on but I  dont how to get it across effectively is A) he talks over me all the time B) I might be explaining something about how I feel an he internalizes it and thinks I am getting after him when he isnt the the topic I just need to vent, he vents I don't think he is mad at me when he does unless he is talking about me . He also takes over stuff I am doing, this not helpful because I am one if I need the help I ask, if I cant reach something, or figure something he could I will ask.  If I am doing something I know I can do, I like to not have him jump in and assist  with it, make me feel I am doing it wrong so he has to make it right, This only makes me stressed.  I would like him to know when I am indicating "Honey I am alright- let me do this." If any one can relate please comment, I know sometimes he only wishes to be Mr Helpful and thats great, but when he does not Listen to me, to what I feel I do or dont need from him, it stresses me and stress isnt good for my condition anymore than it is for his, One last thing can anyone relate to your spouse with this  cracking up in hysterics and being loud alot?   Loud noises bother me, always have, and it ties in my condition to, its just apart of me but sometimes my spouse is rather carried away and loud and its hard to concentrate.