Someone with ADD help me understand-he forgot to eat lunch while I wasn't home

Poor time management is a common symptom of ADD. I think that's one thing that lead to my husband's recent firing. But we are looking at really changed circumstances and I don't know how to help him manage it.

I was gone all day yesterday and he was home. I wasn't off having a good time-I went to a job interview in the city where my daughter lives, about 90 miles from here. Spend morning dying hair, pressing suit, etc then left. Now we have agreed that if one of us doesn't find a job this month we are going to split up; I'll live with my daughter (whether I get this job or not, she lives where the most jobs in my field are) and he'll live with his mother. No way we can keep up the rent on our place on $239 a week in unemployment.

I would think this looming disaster would kick-start him, but when I came home he had been playing cards on the internet all day. He said he looked at a website my daughter recommended for jobs for him, but he wanted me to help him with it, so he did nothing constructive. He also didn't eat, didn't do the dishes, didn't walk the dog. We also need to start packing. I'm a physical mess, I can't do it, and I can't see paying someone to do it when we have to move because we can't afford the rent. If I am not here, he won't do anything.

So if I get a job, how in the world is he going to find one if I'm so far away? How can someone who's medicated, counseled, etc. be so forgetful he forgets to eat?