Sometimes I just can't be bothered

Is it just me who sometimes really cannot be bothered to deal with my partners out of control symptons? 

I know his meds are not working, I know he's not working on anything much, he's unfocused, forgetful, vague, lying over stupid things, obsessed with a game on his phone, forgetting plans we have made, speaking to me like crap, off on another planet....

I know I should and can handle his symptoms better than I am at the moment. But you know what. I just can't be bothered. I will at some point have a conversation, but just for now I'm tired. I'm sick of his adhd. I know he doesn't get a holiday from having it, but he sure takes many holidays from managing it. 

I know I can be a much better person but his behaviour lately has been incredibly hurtful and my walls are up for a little while until I finish licking my wounds.