Sometimes reality just stinks

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Wow.  I'm So Exhausted is exhausted.

Something is brewing around here.  

First, my ADHD spouse picked an argument with our 24 year old son a few days back.  

Then he decided had to let me know about it.  

It was time to bring up the fact that MY boundary of three years had past without his noticing.  

Than, a few hours later he asked me for our old pastor's phone number.  Now, what I thought about this was:  Over a year ago I mentioned to my spouse that I had asked this pastor what I was supposed to do with my wedding vows when I was at the point of utter despair because I do not feel my marriage is on equal ground.   Well, all he said was he wasn't able to hear both sides (I wasn't asking him that - I just wanted to know what to do with my own feelings of failing at my vows), but he would pray for us.  So, back to Friday - almost a year after my conversation - my spouse asks me for the pastor's phone number.  I was thinking 'Halleluia, the man is going to ask for help.'

Ends up he got into an argument with the pastor and hung up on him.  He wasn't calling to ask for help, I really do not know what he was calling for.

Today we were cashing in some rolls of old silver coins to invest into a house with our son - to refurbish and sell.  I had no issue with it - to me it is like taking one place of investment and moving it to another.  We did our homework.  We checked the silver prices, and made sure we were selling them for a good price.  My spouse was gung-ho.  Good idea.  Let's do it.  Then maybe sellers remorse hit him.  He has been all over the spectrum of mad - and sad - and depressed - and angry.  Now he slunk up to bed, bemoaning the fact that we took "treasure" and scrapped it.  And he HAD to agree to do it because I said I wouldn't be controlled by his anger anymore.  

It is becoming extremely difficult for me to remain at any semblance of sanity anymore.  The more I think I may be on a good path, the crazy this becomes.