Sometimes you just suck it up....(most times)

I don't post often but read often.  Helps me keep my sanity.  23 years in w/ADD husband.  Most of the issues discussed here apply off/on to us at any given time.  He's a great man and we have foundation of unconditional love, which is a blessing not had by all...but ADD issues are a constant battle.  We're leaving for 3 night getaway for anniversary tomorrow and have been sniping at each other for days.  How sad this makes me.  So much dysfunctional communication.  He thinks he can't do anything good enough.  I feel like I'm blamed for everything.  It's such a sad, pathetic cycle for two people who actually do love each other.  Don't even know why I'm typing this.  Guess I just want validation that I'm not insane for wanting someone to choose me above everything.  To value our marriage more than his pride.  To try to see anything from my point of view.  But that's not ADD, right?!