Soooo frustrated

DH says now that he is using a calendar again he feels like a drunk who was on a binge but is now going straight. Makes me want to scream and pull all my hair out. 

He says he can't fix everything overnight. I agree. But he had a system that worked and *he* decided to stop using it bc it was "boring". 

I am beyond frustrated and I am so angry at him for not using the tools that he was offered 3 years ago. It is not my fault that he chose not to do the work. 

Speaking of which he said yesterday that he could have held onto his job if he had asked his mentor for help. He says he didn't think he needed more help but now he sees that he did. AGGHHH

This is too little too late for me. I have been very patient, very persistent, and very understanding. I am all out of patience, persistence, and understanding after 3 years of asking then pleading then begging him to use his calendar and to implement the skills we learned in Melissa's seminar. 

On top of everything else he saw his psychiatrist yesterday but didn't tell him that he was feeling depressed!! I asked him what they discussed and he said that his psychiatrist said he was sorry to hear that he had been fired but that was something DH needed to talk about with his therapist. I said well I thought your therapist wanted you to see your psychiatrist for an eval for depression. He said yes my therapist did a screening for depression last week when I saw her and she thinks I am way more depressed now than I was the last time I saw her. I said then why didn't you tell your psychiatrist that??? Then I said you know what, forget it, it is not my job to micromanage what you discuss with your psychiatrist. It is up to you. Your life is up to you.