Sorting the emotional stuff from the tangible stuff. Keep the good, toss the bad.

Stuff.  It has been an ongoing bone of contention since before we married in 1984.  Now our own property is overrun with stuff. I do understand his need to have items as his creative mind can truly make amazing things out of items I would label as junk.  

I truly do not know what steps to take to get to a place of harmony.  I can state some examples.  

1.  My spouse is very patriotic.  We got him a huge 10 foot by 20 foot US flag for Father's Day a few years back.  I wanted to put up a flagpole.  My spouse 'created' a flag pole from an old antenna tower.  It is painted red, while and blue, it is held up by ropes strung to our trees and phone pole.  He admires it.  I shudder at the hillbilly atmosphere it brings. If that were all, I could handle it.  

2.  He saves stuff to 'sell.'  He currently salvaged student classroom chairs from a school that was being demolished.  I looked out the window today to see two blue plastic chairs, strapped to our phone pole on the roadside, with a for sale sign hung on them.  

3.  We have a make shift tent he put up last November to have shelter from the winter weather to fix his service van.  It is fashioned from our picnic canopy frame with a huge in-ground swimming pool cover slung over it.  Still up, and now full of stuff.  He claims it is mostly our son's stuff.  In reality, a small corner, I am guessing  1/25th of the interior,  is our son's stuff - since he cannot get into his side of the barn - because the huge tent-o-junk is blocking the entrance.   (Oops, notice the bitter sarcasm there. . . . .)

I spend way too much time on clutter control.  I want to just throw stuff away.  

How do you get to place where - he is not angry because I am throwing away his precious stuff - and I am not angry living in and among such clutter?

To me, the irony of this place I now find us in - his father was a hoarder.  It took YEARS to clear their family property of all the 'good stuff' his father had saved.  My spouse hated it.  Now we are becoming it.  I am in such disbelief over the whole evolution.