Sound familiar?

I am beginning to wonder if my husbands incessant threats and reminders that he's leaving as soon as our bankruptcy is over aren't more manipulation. It is very sad to say but I really do think everything he does and says is an attempt to manipulate me. To make himself feel better. 

He still says he's leaving..said it very convincingly this past weekend. I basically threw in the towel, took off my rings, and shut down. He acted as if nothing were wrong but I couldn't. I called him out on some deal breaking behaviors and put a boundary and that's when he said he was leaving. 

I am speaking in terms of finality with him. It's over. Let's be proactive and figure everything out before he goes. He's acting as if nothing is wrong. He's actually currently snuggled up next to me asleep. We haven't cuddled since he told me he was leaving. 

To my point...I have begun to feel that he's in such a hurry to leave because he's cheated again and knows it is only a matter of time before I find out. I think he'd rather leave and bare the agony of divorce than to admit he did that again. I'm additionally puzzled by his acting as if nothing is wrong. I am wondering if he isn't wanting me to beg him not to go so he can justify staying by saying I wouldn't let him leave. I've stopped saying anything about my plans to make it on my own because he blames me of trying to make him feel guilty. Deep down I truly don't think he wants to leave but he is very obviously battling a very serious demon. I fear I recognize this demon. If he stays and I find out he cheated then he knows we are done. I think he's trying f to avoid that.