A specific issue I need help with

I left my ADD husband in August. He has refused to answer emails or pick up phone calls since. Does anyone have an answer for this specific problem?

I recently got certified as a paralegal. When I registered for the test, I was still living with him so the Bar Association sent the certificate to the house I shared with him. He called me 2 weeks ago to say my certificate had come. (Of course, I have mail forwarding. I have no idea why the post office screwed that up.) I asked him to send it to me and he said he would. He hasn't. I've asked the Bar Association to send me another. They can't. I live 90 miles away and have physical problems that make driving hard. But he won't answer emails or phone calls begging for my certificate and he won't send it. I didn't think deliberate meanness was usually part of ADD! Does anyone have any idea how to get him to do this ONE THING for me, when I supported him for half the time we were married.