The SPECT Scan - anyone one do this/have a loved one that has???

I'm really curious about the scan.  It seems to be a good tool in diagnosing ADD, etc. and very helpful in determing which meds to use.  Has anyone gone to an Amen clinic or the clinid in Denver??   Please post your thoughts on this.  The prices are outrageous but would be worth it if years are saved from trying a multitude of drugs that don't work.



Yes to the SPECT


After finding Dr. Amen on PBS one night, I directed my husband to an Amen clinic. He had the SPECT test done and it's the best decision. I highly recommend going to the actual clinic, though.  My husband is going to a "satellite" location and is working with a dr who "practices" Dr. Amen's teachings, but I don't know how well it's working.  Dr. Amen seems like the best.