Spouse is finally open to seeking behavioral therapy!

My husband was diagnosed about a year ago and is on medication #3 (Adderall) with some success. However, without behavioral therapy he's had the medication amount upped a few times and then it seems to wear off. He's struggled to find solid, reliable talk therapy and was feeling very frustrated until recently. My own therapist has extensive experience in adult ADD specifically with a trauma base, and she agreed yesterday during our session to let me bring him to my next one with her in a week. I had planned to find a new therapist who was more available so I am happy to transfer her to him if it goes well while I find a new one, and let him make progress with her. My hope is bubbling over that this is the beginning of transforming our marriage, young as it is (four years), so we can avoid a marriage of rocks and fractures all because of the ADD symptoms.