Spouse recently started taking ADHD Medication.

My wife started taking Wellbutrin a few months back and Methylphenidate recently.  She seems to be able to focus a bit better on day to day tasks,  but I feel like I'm invisible now at times.  At times she seems to hyper focus more now than in the past.    Is this something that is common with Adhd meds and specifically what my wife is taking?  I have dealt with the occasional hyper focus and distracted behavior in the past, but now she seems very focused on many of the things she's doing and it's as if I'm not there.  She still has lapses in focus.  She ran out of gas last week, and as always had difficultly completing tasks in a timely manner.  I'm mostly just curious if this is common and to be expected and if the trade off is going to be " slightly better able to manage her own day to day affairs, less responsive to day to day interactions".  If it's just going to be the new norm with the meds, how do you as a non-Adhd spouse or more specially as a non- Adhd husband deal with the decreased interaction?   I'm very happy my wife is trying medication and that it seems to be helping with some of her time management and focus issues, I'm just wondering if I'm losing some of the connection we have to that end.  Thanks!