Spouse won't take med that was prescribed

I'm just so frustrated...   The last year I was able to get spouse to marriage counseling 4 times with me!!!  The other times I went myself.    After many arguments I demanded a diagnose.  I felt bad but he went.   He has Anxiety, I thought ADHD and the Dr. prescribed something to help him relax..  He's a good guy just always non-stop, hyper, in a hurry all the time, doesn't care about what I have to say, it's his way only.. He doesn't understand that marriage is about 2 people not 1....It's really difficult as I'm finding myself 'on edge' most of the time.  I think it's because of him-- very stressful..  He can't  stay on a conversation and just walks away...  Basically just gets what he needs from me (conversation) and walks away.  No emotional support from him at all.  He just takes and takes..  He also gets angry more often too which I don't like!!  No physical, just yelling and angry.  He took the meds and WOW the best 4 weeks...  He was 'present' with our family.  Dinners were enjoyable..  Basically everything was getting better!!  No arguments at all!!    I did more as a mom and wife if that makes sense--- maybe it was just more relaxing here. Then he refused to take what was prescribed and tells me to take medication!!   I know it's his right BUT why did he do this??   I just don't know what to do.. We have been married 16 years, 2 kids---  nice family!!  But how can I handle this??  The Dr know but it's my husbands right to refuse. I sent him articles and emails asking him to please reconsider..  Just not sure I want to stay with this Jekyl/Hyde personality.    Do I have a 'right' to give him an ultimatum to take what is prescribed or I need to look into leaving?  It seems harsh but I don't know what else to do.  Tonight I didn't have dinner made and he was all [email protected]@y but how else can I get thru to him?