As spouses/partners go...isn't Impulsive and Inattentive/Impulsive the....

As spouses/partners go...aren't the Impulsive and Inattentive/Impulsive types the most difficult to live with?


What are your opinions?


(I know this isn't a contest for "which is worst" when reading some posts about whether a NonADHD person should run for the hills when confronted with an ADHD dating partner, I think one of the biggest consideration should be whether the Impulsive element is there and how THAT manifests itself. )


While I can understand that living with a pure Inattentive would be annoying if you were being ignored, but it seems (to me) that the Impulsive element in the other two types seems to be the most challenging, damaging, and more prone to be abusive.  


When you consider how the Impulsive behaviors manifest:  risky behaviors, flying by the seat of their pants, verbal and physical outbursts, immature behaviors,  horrible with money, impulsive spending, physical responses (throwing/breaking things in anger), poor planners, driving too fast.....these are all things that not only are difficult to live with...but are often abusive (mentally, emotional, or physical)


That said, I know that the Inattentive type (either alone or combined with Impulsive) can be dangerous if you need them to watch children, small children especially.