Starts but never finishes!!

My ADD husband and I purchased a "fixer-upper" a year ago.  Knowing that living in a house while remodeling would be horrible, we live a mile away in a condo.  The plans for the remodel included a complete overhaul of the kitchen (wiring & plumbing included), new windows, new exterior doors, fis plaster and paint throughout and refinishing the old hardwood floors.  Hubby is very handy and works in the construction/trades full time.  I also work full time and have two kids from my first marriage.

My problem is that it has been a year and we are not even close to being done with the house.  Hubby religiously goes there every night to work on it but nothing is done!!  The kitchen is torn down to the studs, wiring has been looked at but not removed/updated, some of the windows are replaced but not trimmed out, one door has been replaced but no door knobs or locks put on it . . . everything is started but NOTHING is finished.  What the heck is he doing over there?!?!

I have told hubby that I think it is time to hire some help to finish the work.  He tells me that I am being impatient and that we can't afford it.  Paying two house payments for another year seems more expensive than hiring help.

Any advice on how I can either convince him that we need to hire help -OR- help him get organized and finish the twenty things he has started but not completed?