Stepping outside the box to get a view through someone else's eyes

I am sitting at my desk looking out the back sliding doors.  The birds are all over the feeders, directly off the west end of the deck.   The awning is swaying gently.  There to the right - is the barn.  And buckets of stuff.  And a wheelbarrow.  And totes.  And metal.  And rolls of plastic pipe.  And an old cart for stackable chairs.  And some plastic milk cartons full of miscellaneous things.     

My request has been to keep stuff out of the line of view out the back doors.  This is an adjusted request - the original included keeping stuff out of the line of view out the kitchen window AND the sliding glass doors.

In my own brain, I decided it was not as important to have a nice view from the kitchen window as it was to have a nice view while I worked at my desk.  

My desk sits in the office.  Which is directly east of the livingroom.  There is a window between the office and the livingroom.  From my desk, I see through that window, over the back of the couch, out the back sliding doors.  

Some options I have are to ignore the stuff.  Pull the vertical blinds halfway across the doors so it blocks the view of the stuff.  Go move the stuff.  

Let's just forget for a moment marriage.  Let's just imagine this is a situation between roommates, or friends or neighbors.

This house sits on 10 acres, I'd say about evenly 1/4 west, and 1/4 north of the property lines, in that lower left hand corner.  All the rest of the property is open land with a few  trees scattered about.  .

Is this a power-struggle?

Is this just being ignored?

This is some big bone of contention for me.  It makes me feel disrespected.  It frustrates me to have no where to just relax and enjoy the view.  

Is this ADHD?  Is this total disregard for my wishes?  Is this "You ain't telling me what to do lady."  Is this he is just so overwhelmed with everything, he can't think straight?  What, in the name of all things pleasant is this?  What is so hard about not plopping things in this area of the yard?  

It may seem immaterial.  For me, it is one of those annoyances that would be overlooked if there wasn't already so much on my brain.  

It is also a little corner of the space, a tiny place to start, and maybe hope to branch out.  

For now, let's just look at this corner.  ADHD.  Man.  Woman.  Sharing.  Compromising.  Conflict resolution.