“Still crazy after all these years?” No, it was just misdiagnosed and untreated ADHD times two.

So here we are a 62 year old male and a 54 year old female. Clean and sober for 24 years, married for 23 years.  Both “abused” by the mental health system being misdiagnosed with everything from intermittent explosive disorder to borderline personality disorder and most everything else  in-between.

Three months of treatment /medication for ADHD and we are feeling and acting like completely different people. 

We know how to be married with untreated ADHD.   How do treated ADHD people do it?

new diagnosis x 2

LOL!  Okay, so, sit down (if you can!) and start to dream.  What is it that you would love to have in your lives?  What is it that you really want to do before you die?  What is it that you want your days to look like?  Then, make a plan, cut it down into really small, manageable bits, write it down (so you don't forget) and start to tick them off the list.

Sound boring?  Maybe, but you'll be moving towards a goal that you both care about and hopefully having some fun doing it, and that will be a great start to your new life a double-treated ADD people!

Best of luck with it, and feel free to share your adventures with us (and I'm sure there will be many!)  :-)

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It's never too late!

I can relate to your story . . . 

Despite years of therapy, education and work experience as a clinical social worker (community mental health) it took a wise woman to help me put 2 & 2 together and arrive at the correct answer.  We were driving (actually getting lost . . . repeatedly) in Phila. one day some 8 - 10 years ago and I just lost it!  Finally, I became enraged and yelled: "I want to get the #@!* out of here!"  Without responding in kind my wife asked a simple question, "Are you angry or are you anxious?"  In a millisecond I replied: "I'm angry BECAUSE I'm anxious."  I promised her I'd seek help and within a few days I saw a doctor (psychiatrist, though it could have been a GP) who suggested I try some Prozac.  After 2 days of feeling weird, on the 3rd day it was as if someone tuned back the sensitivity setting in my brain, and I felt calmness.

I was also seen by an ADHD specialist (non-medical) went through a complete series of tests and was not surprised to learn that I had ADD.  Of course it never occurred to me, until then, that if my son was ADHD (which we recognized when he was 4 yrs. old) wasn't it was likely that the apple did not fall far from the tree?

I just found this web-site, appreciate your comments, and hope to learn even more!