Still making progress

Just a lil update.  The dh and I are still making progress, the weekend went well with minimal problems.  We took his daughter back to her mom's and saw family while we were down there, I went and hung out with my mom and he hung out with his brother and mom.  He even wore his wedding ring for the entire weekend....amazing for him seeing he used to complain it bothered him.  He was pretty crabby on the way home (3 hours one way in the vehicle), but when I mentioned it he DIDN'T blow up!!  He thought about it for a minute, told me "yeah I guess I am a little short tempered today" and then told me that he really misses his family and didn't want to leave.  WOW, is all I can say because he would NEVER have done that it the past, he would have told me that he was fine and I had the issue.

So here is my minor as it may seem.  He starts back to college on the 29th and I'm scared to death.  He went and got his books yesterday for class and ordered a laptop too (laptops have NOT been a good thing for him because 1. he tends to drop them, or eat while using them and they die, hes had two already. 2. he has, in the past used laptops to carry on relationships outside the marriage and to keep things from me) 3. he will take the laptop in the bedroom and disappear for hours.  He then made arrangements to buy a used truck from a friend (1. we can barely cover basic insurance on the vehicle we have not to mention the extra gas. 2. When he has a vehicle and doesn't have to be on a schedule for picking me up from work, he "forgets" to come home).  And he told me that he is applying for a job on campus (I really don't think he can handle the classwork load, his internship and a part time job!!), he is already on academic probation from last semester.  Truly I understand he needs to be independent and make his own decisions, but I just cant stop my stomach from churning....I just cant see good things coming from any of this!!!!!!

I guess I'm a little pissed too because when I went back to school I had to fight him for it, as he didn't like the program (I am now a certified Holistic Health Practitioner) I picked because he thinks its "fake" and "a waste of money".  Also my truck got repo'd because I couldn't pay his bills and my truck payment too and the laptop he "bought" me for my birthday had to go back because instead of buying it outright he got it from a rent to own place (so he didn't have to spend all his money) and he couldn't make the payments.  So as petty as it may sound, its like he is getting to have everything he wants and I get whats left over.

Thoughts, ideas, advice....I will take any of it!!!!