A Story: The Dying Man in the Desert

This is one of my favorite stories that my therapist told me quite some time ago, that I have recalled countless times to help me see my way through times when I didn't know what to do?  It is a story of perspective, and I thought I would share it with everyone because it has been so useful for me to gain some perspective when I really needed it.  Without further adieu.....


There once was a man who was lost in the desert and dying of thirst.  He had been walking for days in the hot desert sun... and just when he thought that all hope was lost, he spotted an Oasis up ahead and rejoiced at his salvation.  He made his way to the Oasis, and as he entered the lush area surrounded by palm trees....he met the inhabitant of this paradise who greeted him with open arms.  This was a wealthy Sheik who welcomed him and invited him to dine and partake of anything he desired that was his to share and stay with him as long as he wanted.  Seeing the condition of the lost man, he quickly summoned his 3 beautiful daughters who emerged from one of the many tents that spread throughout the area and ordered them to take care of any desire this man requested and to tend to his every need. 

The women ushered the man into another tent which had a long banquet table filled with every manner of delicacies and culinary delights that one could imagine.  It was a feast to behold and the women said that he could eat to his hearts content. Then after wards, they told him they would provide him with fresh clean clothes and lush downy pillows to lay on and they would tend to all his physical needs as he pleased.

The man was still reeling from his good fortune and the hospitality of his gracious hosts and stood there speechless and praised God for the gifts he was about to receive.  However...as the man surveyed the sumptuous banquet before him...he noticed something missing?  Amongst the many things that he had been offered and was being provided him by his hosts....the one thing missing was a single drop to drink.