Stress, Anxiety and Depression Drug Free

Hi All's been a while! Thought I'd check in and say hello.

I wanted to start off relaying something that I noticed with my dog. For the longest time while I was still in my last relationship, his fur was sparse, he was edgy and basically a nervous little dog. He had always been a bit nervous but this I attributed it to him being a small breed, he's a Papillon for those who are interested.

Anyway, it was just recently I really took note at how much his hair had filled in. His coat is thick and full and feels very silky compareded to the last. A dramatic change from the stingy, sparse matted hair I had become used to for so much of his life. Admittedly, I can't say I've done anything different or changed his diet in any way. If I combine this with the fact that he's become more affectionate and much less nervous...I can only surmise this is due to stress and anxiety or lack of in this case.

Which brings me full circle to myself. I decided to go completely drug free. I've quit smoking ( been 15 months ) and I'm not drinking or smoking Marijuana anymore ( at all ). I'm not even taking Aspirin for headaches which is me, gong back to the way I always was before I knew I had ADHD. This I've found has had some real benefits in being connected to my body and knowing exactly what's going on. There are no drugs in my system to mask other things that might be there,  I can tell what is causing what and how I should respond better than before. The bottom line now is I know exactly how I'm feeling at all times with nothing else contributing to my state of mind or I feel other than me.

What I am doing as a replacement to drugs as far as my ADHD / depression / anxiety sleep. And lots of it. I basically have returned to the same practice I used growing up and later to replenish my neurotransmitters when my tank gets low or empty.

And yes, it makes me a dull boy to be around and kind of a boring person but it works. That's all I can say. I have no one else other than my dog to impress but from all appearances, he doesn't seem to mind.

If there's one other factor that I could contribute to his remarkable change...I'd have to point to unconditional Love as the cause. There's plenty of that to go around and not a harsh word to be found. If there's any secret to this then I think I've found it. Lots if sleep, good food to eat and unconditional Love. Right now, I'm running with it and it seems to be working.

Thank you all for your past support and I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.