The stress visible

Today for the first time after divorce I had to rescue a situation where my ADD ex-partner had slipped on his responsibilities. Child came to me late Sunday evening. My child was unprepared for the upcoming week's school assignments and lacked necessary equipment. Stress set in since the situation was not entirely beyond repair, but almost.

I saved it, to the cost of rising early Monday after having worked an evening shift, child's disappointment and tears, and having to spend my day off sorting it out. But it was interesting to see what the ADD slip did to me physically. 

I immediately had an headache that turned into migraine later in the day. Body knotted up with stress. So upset I had to vent with a friend immediately after child went to school. Hours later I'm still shaken.

It's clear why my GP told me to get out of the marriage at all costs. It literally threatened to destroy me.

When I was still married these rescues happened on an everyday basis and I didn't really notice them all separately. But after four months of rest it's crystal clear what they do to my body. I think this may be true for other non-ADHD partners too. Please show yourselves respect for what you're doing to cover for your ADHD partners. It's a lot.