Stressed and angry at husband

Thank you in advance for reading this.  I am having a real hard time with marriage.  My husband has anxiety and takes medication for it.  I also think he has ADHD, but he argues that it doesn't exist.  Please let me know if you agree with me.  He makes NO plans at all with life with me.  The only things he mentions are things he likes to do, fishing and watching movies.  As far as planning for kids, I do All of it.  

He also does not keep track of time and what is suppose to happen.   For example, on Saturday the kids asked to watch a movie.  He started a movie at 6pm (dinner time), and then went down stairs to get pop corn.  I responded by saying "oh, we can't eat pop corn right now because it's dinner time."   He responded with..." I'm a grown up, I eat what I want."  In front of the kids.    If I hadn't said anything, he would have given the kids pop corn for dinner.   Then he proceeded to say "you don't set the standards."    My daughter, of course, being a child would rather eat pop corn and just watch a movie without stopping to eat dinner.  She proceeded to say to Dad "it's not a question, ok dad, just start the movie now."  When my daughter dismissed me, I saw that my life was going to be hell with them.

I was mad because of the disrespect from my husband and the attitude toward me that he is teaching my kids.  I can't understand why someone would act like such a child and not know his impact on the family dynamics.   

When I tried to talk to him afterwards, he blamed me for "the only one worried about it", and being a "grump"/bitch.   He had no idea what I was even talking about.  He had no idea the impact on my daughter in the future.

Life with him is random chaotic and stressful.  I can't carry a conversation with him without distractions or randomness.  Never mind making life decisions.  He sees me as a nag...and in a way, I feel like one because he puts me in a position to have to remind everyone.  It gets old!!!


thanks for letting me rant.   My husband is "too good" to leave, but "too bad" to stay.