Struggling with lack of results

All progress for us has stopped. I am trying so hard to accept that, as the spouse of an ADDer, I do not matter. All is about him, his meds, his needs, how I speak to him so as not to damage his self-esteem, etc. No one takes care of me. No one cares if I have to climb in and out of my car from the passenger's side because we can't afford to fix my car, and never will.

He went back to work when he got treatment and I'm grateful for that. But he can't understand that, since it hurts me to walk, I don't want to do all the housework, I don't really want to take care of all the family needs.

How does treatment address doing household tasks or being willing to share the tv? How can a pill make him remember that he's turned the burner on to melt stuck-on grease and he needs to turn it off before it burns? How can medication help him remember where he left MY GPS?

Our marriage counselors didn't think this kind of issue was worth addressing, so they "fired" us. How can we make progress in these areas? Or is that just too much to expect? Should I just keep doing everything and expecting nothing?