Struggling Marriage

I take Adderall once a day in the mornings usually 10-15 mg vs the prescribed 30's or I stay up way too long.

I am American.  Wife is German.   She is not born in America with German descent, but moved from Germany 4 years ago.  She speaks good English.  I think it is important to point that out as I think there is a disconnect between the cultures and communication in general.

At this point, I am not sure if the marriage has a chance of improvement (we are currently separated).  We are both quite stubborn and have had struggles from the beginnign.  We have two boys as well and I have an older boy from a previous marriage.

Taking medication is definitely a big help for me and getting things done.  

I think she has ADD as she possess's the same symptoms as I do...and i think she would benefit from some help, but like read many places, she feels ADD is somthing created by doctors...

I am no saint I recognize that, however am one half of the relationship.  

I am close to being done...any improvements on relationships where both partners have ADD?


Suggestions or help?