Struggling over knives

Before I got home last night, my wife reported having conflicts with out daughter, so they were both in bad moods and primed.

Our daughter had not eaten her school lunch and wanted to drink her Yoo-Hoo.  My wife put her foot down and there wsa screaming and stamping. 

Then she wanted a carrot because she did not want the pizza and corn we were having.  And, of course, she wanted to peel it.  With a knife instead of a peeler.  She dropped the carrot and my wife rinsed it off and gave it back to her.  She screamed and complained and got a new carrot.  My wife started becoming enraged.  I was nervous as our daughter was waving the knife around without any real awareness and I feared getting stabbed by accident.  Then my wife started wresting the knife away from her, which was, of course, dangerous for both of them.  But she also started waving it around without awareness.  I was trying to find things to cut up the pizza and serve the corn, and I was afraid one or the other would stab me.  Then my wife touched the new carrot, and my daughter freaked out about germs.  I had to leave the kitchen several times to avoid being stabbed as they struggled over knives or one of them wave a knife around carelessly.

I took my wife aside when I could and explained that how she responded was very dangerous.  She did not realize that she had been waving the knife around.

Our son--who also has ADHD and anger issues--told me that the only reason he was staying in the house (the state even) was because of the pets.  Keep in mind that he is only 15.  He then told me that he "wants a divorce" and thinks I do too, but he thinks that they--my wife and daughter--could not handle it.

My wife had missed a psychiatric appointment last month and one of her meds ran out.  She just got it refilled late last week.  Once again, she saw a new psychiatric nurse but did not discuss her ADHD symptoms!  (She is taking a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant that is SOMETIMES perscribed for ADHD--Bupropion.  It is the Bupropion that had run out.)  Her anger was pretty bad last week as well.