The subject of ADHD is so beyond me

I have so intensely focused on it for such a great amount of time, that I have to say I am at a loss to understand.

I have realized over the past few months that this is so very, very complex.  I have some understanding.  I have some experience.  Raised up a son who gave me my first glimpse into ADHD.  Saw possibilities. Know it just 'is,' and there are ways to find joy.   

And it is way bigger than I am.  

It is not at all that my efforts have been in vain.  It is not that I am making a mess.  It is not that my spouse is making a mess.

I just gotta step aside for a bit.  Let it go.  I do not know what it is like to have an ADHD wired brain.  I do not know what goes on in anyone else's head but in my own.  I am in a place that I fully got a grip on what it is like to see ADHD in action.  I realize it is in my family's history - maybe in my own Dad, my own brother, my own Father in Law.

I found some limits that I have.  For now, for a bit of time, ADHD will belong to my spouse.  I gotta just sit back and allow him to work through what ever he needs.  I choose not to be a hindrance.  

My boundaries have been rechecked for rigidity.  They are just right for me.  They are firm.  They may feel harsh.  For me, they are needed.


With sincerity,