Success in ADHD, no critical comments here please

While most of what I have seen here is negativity, judgment and generalizations which make ADHDers look infantile, inept, insensitive, abusive and generally a fearful burden to their spouses, I feel that portrays an unrealistic and lopsided view and serves to dishearten both ADHDer and "normal" alike. I know there are others here who are engaged  in the lifelong process of navigating the challenges of ADHD and have had both small and great successes. I propose this topic as a way to celebrate your success and provide hope to both your fellow ADHDs and partners as well. Post every day even if it is just to say"Wow, I didn't miss that appointment!" Consider this space as a support group of sorts. Tell us tricks you are using to stay on track or talk about successful communications where none existed before. Post even if its just a sentence or even just a word or 2.

Please Melissa, help to keep this topic positive and inspirational by editing out anything hurtful or negative. Nons, post only if you want to add something positive about your ADHD partner. If not, feel free to read but this is not a place to vent.

I hope to see lots of posts because I know you are out there, I've seen the posts in other forum topics. Lets give each other a "Way to Go!!"