Success doesn’t require arrival...

.....I see so much hurt and despair and miscommunication and hope fallen apart etc...I too go through these up's and down's on a regular basis w/ my loved one. It's difficult to hold on to hope when things go well and 48 hrs later they are going back down again and then 72 hrs later you're back up again...if there was ever a roller coaster that made my head spin it's the one that I ride with my fiancé by my side. He is diagnosed with ADD and is 30 years old and we are working through a lot but not giving up either.

On that note I have so many things I could choose to share out of my positive thinking archive from the years , I wanted to share something that has always helped me put things into better perspective and helped to lift my spirits when things went a little off balance. I hope this will help to remind someone that we love our loved ones and they love us - and "life is sacred" to both perspective sides of AD|HD. Remember "success doesn’t require arrival." ... it only requires trying your best and not giving up on each other when things get off balance.

Maybe I can start a 'positive thinking' archive, hopefully someone else will share something that helps them to think a little more positive...I also found a funny article describing the "10 things I hate about ADD" and it's purpose is to always remember that there is humor and light heartedness all around - it just takes a different perspective for a few minutes to see it, if you're interested I'll post it or look it up online it's worth the 3 minute read.

Life is Sacred:
live on purpose. be intoxicated with this world
and astonished with the world you imagine.
growth is a journey…
success doesn’t require arrival.
want what you already hold.
give no place to public opinion.
delight in your friends.
practice the art of doing nothing.
embrace moments of grace.
give the child in you a wide sky.
Understand that laughter is prayer.

and remember.... the world doesn't't expect us to be more than we were created capable of being, but it does expect us to try to be all that we were created capable of being -