such bizarre behaviors

Okay, so many weird things I really don't know what to make of these.  Even more bizarre than usual.  If you read my stuff here you know that my DH will be 50 in November and is unmedicated for his ADHD.  He is without a doubt the most inefficient person I have ever met and takes great pride in doing things in the most complicated, convoluted way possible.  These are examples from the past three weeks: all his junk mail is stuffed in one of his dresser drawers.  JUNK mail-like fliers and stuff addressed to OCCUPANT.  Stuffed in a dresser drawer.  He found a bike at one of his properties that someone had left behind, so it was free, but then he spent $130 to get it fixed up.  I hadn't seen it until after he spent that money (his own, from a side job that was supposed to fix his cracked car window but whatever).  This bike is so trashed I cannot imagine it's even WORTH $130 let alone worth fixing up for that amount.  And he has ridden it one time.  He wanted to spend our money on a lock and I said no.  Ditto the helmet-we had three and only one could be found.  Too bad.  Not putting any more money into this black hole.  So we have junk mail and a junk bike.  Next weirdness-he has been sleeping on the couch for the past three weeks.  I finally asked why.  He says you told me to.  Um...what?  He says I woke him up during the night a few weeks ago and told him he was snoring and to go sleep on the couch so that what he was doing.  Um...again...what??  I have zero recollection of this and even if I did, wouldn't you suppose I meant that one night?  He has been snoring for the entire 23 years of our marriage, why the big martyr thing now?  So I said okay and left it alone and he continues to sleep on the couch.  Final weirdness-our bedroom closet is gigantic so he has this big closet organizer thing with drawers in the closet for socks and t-shirts, etc.  I was in there sorting laundry and I smell a coffee smell--like it smells good.  I open one of his drawers and there is a big bag of huge chocolate chip cookies from a bakery-like 4 of them-big ones.  In the next drawer is a ton of candy-starburst, butterfinger, hershey bars--like a ton-looks like someone emptied a kids Halloween pumpkin.  What is with that?  He has always hidden small amounts of food but nothing like this.  Oh there were four cans of Coke in there too.  What the heck???  Now, we do have a 19 year old who will eat anything that is not nailed down, so maybe that is why he doesn't want that stuff in the general pantry, but we don't eat that crap-I don't buy pop, never have, and certainly not that amount of candy.  Any thoughts on the food hoarding/hiding??  

so very strange