The Sugar Demon

In one ADHD book I read, the author talked about how most ADD'ers crave sugar so much that to try and make them stay away from is virtually impossible.  As soon as I  read that, I felt like he had just explained something that was at the heart of one of the biggest conflicts in our home.  I have always craved sugar so much that for most of my life I have actually essentially lived on it--as in gone days on end eating nothing but candy, cookies, milk/chocolate milk, cereal, Ovaltine, pudding.  Until I had children, I never gave this much thought.  Then, I shot myself in the foot by marrying a vegetarian health nut and having 3 children with him.  Suddenly, I was supposed to be a (GASP!) ROLE MODEL to three children who craved sugar as much as I do, two of whom had sensory issues with food texture, temperature, taste as well.  Because nutrition was extremely important to my husband once the kids were born and I was the stay-at-home parent who fed them, this became a huge issue.  Suddenly, all the things I had eaten my whole life were supposed to be banished.  None of us had any self-control and my husband knew that, so he just wanted it kept out of the house--no exceptions.   To say I was resentful is an understatement.  I wanted my sweets and  I did not want anyone telling me what I could have in the house and what I couldn't.  There were times in the grocery store where he actually removed things from my cart and put them back and then it was ON.  I used to joke that if there were a divorce court at the checkout counter at Kroger, our marriage would have ended before the second year was out.  So, I am wondering if there are any other ADD'ers out there who seem totally fixated on sugar  and have terrible eating habits and how that has affected your ability to teach your own children good eating habits over the years?